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The lizard and its lunch

Here some photos of a young monitor lizard that caught a nice fish. This young fellow was not scared at… read more The lizard and its lunch

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Jellyfish Fishing – Updated !

The good thing from spending time at home is that you can sort out ALL the stuff that you have… read more Jellyfish Fishing – Updated !

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Paradise Tree Snake tries to eat a Gekko

So i woke up early morning and outside, on my doorstep, a paradise tree snake tries to strangle and eat… read more Paradise Tree Snake tries to eat a Gekko

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Jellyfish Fishing

Jellyfish fishing in Asia is one of the highlights for many fishermen in the low season. Hold on…. Did you… read more Jellyfish Fishing

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Sea Canoeing in Thailand

Sea Canoeing in Thailand. I have done this for many many years.  I think I have seen every cave, every… read more Sea Canoeing in Thailand

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Than Bok Khorani

Than Bok Khorani is a National Park near Ao Luk Krabi in Thailand. It is a well hidden place and… read more Than Bok Khorani

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Temples in South Thailand

When I was living in Thailand and working as a tour leader, I had the chance to visit the temples… read more Temples in South Thailand

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Vegetarian Festival

Vegetarian Festival. I have taken part in this festival for 9 years. On the way into the festival you learn… read more Vegetarian Festival

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Little Amazon

The Little Amazon. The Little Amazon is a special place. It is a small river system which is overgrown with… read more Little Amazon

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The Watchmaker

In Takuapa Thailand there is a lovely shop of a watchmaker/barber. I stopped by to make some photos (with his… read more The Watchmaker

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Surin Islands

The Surin Islands Thailand. These islands have always been one of my favourite places. Yes, they are part of the… read more Surin Islands

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Tachai Island

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Tachai Island Thailand. The locals called it the ‘Maledives of Thailand’, ‘The Virgin Island’. Well,… read more Tachai Island

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Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi Islands in Thailand.  For one a tourist trap for the other the ulitmate tropical dream. For me… read more Phi Phi Islands

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Chiang Rai Thailand – Part 2

Doi Maesalong Huay Doi Maesalong is located about 70 km north west of Chiang Rai. It is the heart of… read more Chiang Rai Thailand – Part 2

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Chiang Rai Thailand – Part 1

Chiang Rai Thailand is one of the most undervalued areas in Thailand. There is so much to see and to do…. read more Chiang Rai Thailand – Part 1