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My name is Ryan Nigel de Scheemaker, I am a photographer and owner of I do Travel, Landscape, Street, Architecture, Food/Beverage, Nature, Event Coverage, Wildlife and Foliage Photography. I don’t do wedding shoots, family shoots, cat and dog photos, etc. …. 🙂  

I am not in the business to shoot the ‘best’ photos. What is the ‘best’ photo anyway ? For one its this for the other its that. 



I stopped with my social media etc.  it is really time consuming….  


Travel and Landscape Photography is my favorite waste of time. 🙂  Street Photography is my second favorite waste of time. 

I have a personal preference for highly saturated vibrant photos with loads of contrast, though Black and White is also one of my favorite styles.

I do a lot in post processing. I like to use Photoshop, Lightroom, C-One.  I use filters (ND, VariND and CPL) and some digital tools like Aurora, Photomatix HDR, NIK Collection, EZ Panel and TOPAZ Labs.

I shoot only with natural light, I don’t use flash.

I love detailing in post processing.

I don’t like pixel peepers, gear heads and brand fan boys.


At the moment I use Fujifilm X mirrorless cameras and lenses. Why ? For me, the cameras are comfortable, they are light and small, easy to use and lots of direct manual controls.  The image quality is very good and the RAW files are very flexible. Fuji service is great. Their gear and vision is worth investing in. For editing I use an iMac and MacBook Pro. Editing tools: I use Lightroom, Photoshop, C-One, NIK, TOPAZ, Skylum. Storage: Seagate and WD external hard drives.  My cameras use SD cards, for me, Samsung SD cards (U3 Class 10) are very good and reliable.


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