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Photo of the Week

Photo of the week.  I will upload a photo to  ‘Photo of the Week’ an put it on top of…

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A Quick Trip to Morocco

A visual impression of a few days in Morocco. More to come. 

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Snowdonia and Anglesey – Wales

I have visited the Cotswolds and many people to told me to go to Snowdonia. And so i did. And…

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Devon and Dorset – The Jurassic Coast England

Great hiking, fantastic views, great fish and chips ! More to come soon. 

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At the Isle of Skye. What a place and what a scenery ! More to come. 

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Dry is an understatement in this country. Namibia, on the West Coast of Africa, this country is 1,5x the size…

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A quick visit to Colombia

More to come, enjoy the photos. 

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Panama City

Panama. Famous for the Panama Canal but also for its financial businesses. Panama City is a financial center and together…

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Tutorial: Metering Modes – Evaluative, Center-weighted and Spot

I was planning to write an extensive article about metering and metering modes but the article on is very…

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Tanzania – Serengeti

Out of Africa… This trip was not really at the Serengeti but at Ngorongoro National Park. Just a few pics…

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Jordan – Petra, Wadi Mujib and Wadi Rum

I never thought the desert could be so much fun. Jordan is dry and when you come to Wadi Rum…

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Azores Portugal

The Azores are a group of Islands belonging to Portugal and located in the Mid-Atlantic. The archipelago consists of 9…

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Tutorial – What is Bokeh ?

In short: Bokeh is background blur. 🙂 Huh ? Blurrrrr ? blur is, how to say…, the out of focus…

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Impressions from Macau China

Macau, the Las Vegas from Asia. What a city, what a place. When you walk through the area where all…

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Varanasi India – Second Time Around

Here are some photos of my second visit to Varanasi India. There are some photos from other places, since i…

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Tutorial: Why I work with PC and not with Mac

The new Macs are coming out. The new M1, M1x, etc. MacBook Pro’s are not only good looking but also…