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More China ! East to West

This was a trip from Beijing to Sichuan and all the way around the Tibetan Plateau to Turpan and back… read more More China ! East to West

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China – The lesser visited areas

China China China…. a country so big. But yet some areas so less traveled. It is an interesting contrast. The… read more China – The lesser visited areas

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Guilin China

Guilin China. Actually I should have started with this post. But Fenghuang and Zhangjiajie were so much more impressive that… read more Guilin China

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Zhangjiajie China

Zhangjiajie China. For many foreign people  quite an unkown name and place. For Chinese people a synonym for natural beauty,… read more Zhangjiajie China

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Fenghuang China

When you mention that you have been in Fenghuang China most Western people will ask you where it is.  You… read more Fenghuang China

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Quick Shot – Black and White Street Photography in China

Here are some black and white street photography photos from a recent trip. All photos are edited in NIK Silver… read more Quick Shot – Black and White Street Photography in China

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Jellyfish Fishing

Jellyfish fishing in Asia is one of the highlights for many fishermen in the low season. Hold on…. Did you… read more Jellyfish Fishing