Impressions from Macau China

Macau, the Las Vegas from Asia. What a city, what a place. When you walk through the area where all the casinos are, it is not much different from Las Vegas. Plenty of shopping, expensive brands, etc. Architecture is mostly the same: Eiffeltower, Venezian, etc. The casinos are same large, even larger. There are also plenty of shows. And one show i can really recommend: The House of Dancing Water. This is really a marvelous show and when you are in Macau, go see it. Click here to read more about that show

Besides casinos and shows there is more in Macau. If you like street photography and large (living) buildings, flats, apartments, this is your place to go. Plenty of cramped up tall buildings with small rooms for the people who work and live there. You cannot imagine how one could live there. Macau is much like Hong Kong. High rises with verrrryyyyy small flats, very narrow streets, lots of street food, some temples and shrines and most of all: all lot of people. (Who work very hard).

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