China – The lesser visited areas

China China China…. a country so big. But yet some areas so less traveled. It is an interesting contrast. The overpopulated east and south east coast and the near empty north west and west. But the landscapes ! Amazing ! And same contrasts: from lush green rice fields to sandy deserts. To me, it is a country that deserves more travel investigation. There are so much nice places. China is more that Bejing, Xian, Guangzou, etc. and endless shopping malls.

Yuanyang Ricefields

I have visited China a few times. I have seen the country changing. The first time i was in China, there were nearly no cars, roads, etc. Slowly and then very fast, i saw China changing to what it is now. Especially the East and South East Coast changed dramatically. The inlands, and when you move more close to Tibet are behind with development but also there you can see that even those areas are not forgotten. Infrastructure, water, electric, etc. it’s all being supplied now.

Leshan Buddha

The Landscape

The landscape changed also. Take an area like Guilin. Before in 1995 nearly no foreign tourism. So domestic but not to much. Fast forward to today: it is one of China’s biggest domestic tourist markets. And as a foreigner you need to plan your trip very well in order not to be overrun by the domestic tourists !

The landscape is still as beautiful. But also here you can see the bad influence of (mass) tourism. Nature pays the price.

Pinyao Ancient City
Great Wall at Jinshangling


I have made a round trip through China. Traveled to some Ancient Cities, places of interest, domestic hotspots and some less traveled places. And i loved it. Despite the hours waiting in Leshan (77m Buddha Statue) the trip was more than i could wish for. Hours of lonely strolling on the Chinese Wall (Who could think of that !!), visiting some ancient cities where you will see NO foreigner at all, going through the Blue Moon Valley in raining season, etc. Well i would say just look and enjoy the photos.


Enjoy 🙂

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