The Clouds seen from my kitchen window

The Clouds seen from my kitchen window. Yesterday I was sitting behind my computer editing some photos and I noticed that the light was changing color. I had a quick look outside and saw the sky and clouds were about to shift color due to the sunset. I totally forgot about that, after some days of non-stop rain.

sky 6


The sky was really nice to see with lots of contrast, color and it kept shifting. Clouds kept moving on changing light, color and scenery. So i quickly grabbed my little Fuji X-M1 and shot with AE Braketing. This means you take 3 shots in different exposures. The little Fuji is only capable to shoot from -1 EV to +1EV, but it did the job. Post processed everything in Photomatix Pro and final touches in Lightroom and Photoshop.

What I also noticed is that quite a few people outside completely missed the display of color in the clouds and sky. People, please look up, there are so much nice things around you. Don’t keep looking down when you walk. And stop for a moment to enjoy something that only last for a moment. Otherwise you miss so much.

These shots are all HDR shots, done with 3 images. I had to shoot HDR otherwise I could never get the buildings right due to the very high contrast. Pushing the shadows in a single file was, in this case, not and option. All shots hand held ( yes !) hanging out the kitchen window. 🙂


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sky 2

sky 3

sky 5

sky 1



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