Colouring books

These colouring books were an idea of my girlfriend. Her niece ( 8 years young 🙂 ) wanted to have a colouring book but a bit different then the regular ones. Well, my girlfriend and I are both graphic designers and she started with some ideas for the book. And that is were it took off…. 🙂


colouring book 1


We actually didn’t know that doing stuff like this could be so much fun ! So she started with some patterns (internet is a good source for inspiration) and soon she had more that 60 patterns, flowers, animals and much more collected. After finishing the book for her niece, some other people saw it and ordered some more books. Those people were adults so she needed to design something interesting for adults.

The idea kept developing and she started to design some cover pages for the books. At that point I got more and more interested. Once she coloured some animal patterns we got more and more inspiration to do some more.  In the picture above you can see the printed result of the colouring books. We started with one (black and white cover actually) and it grew out to a 60 page colouring book with full color cover. The colouring we did with Photoshop and the design of the book in Indesign.

These books are pre-production samples, those covers need to be glued to the back and we need to do some minor details.

Below some more product shots. Click to enlarge.

colouring book 3

colouring book 4

colouring book 5

colouring book 6

colouring book 7

colouring book 8

colouring book 9

colouring book 10


My girlfriend did most of the design and colouring work, I just did the finishing touches, some lay out things and coloured 1 cover. As I am so proud of her doing this, I want that she can publish it under her own name. That inspired me to design her a logo. Lately, I changed my own logo and style so I thought it would be nice if her logo fits with mine. Also for the future when we publish more of our artwork together, we can publish artwork under her logo and name and photography under mine.  In the past we did a calendar and a brochure together and she helped me with my books.

So here is her logo.


namecard martina2


Besides a photographer, I am a web designer as well, so I will design her a website for herself. 🙂 Then she can create, show and sell all her own creations under her own name.

If you have interest in these colouring books, you have to wait a bit. We/she are/is busy with final touches and printing. Also we are developing one more cover for a 4th book.

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