A view from the Brühlbergturm

I was out on the bike looking for some viewpoints over the city of Winterthur.  Winterthur lays in a kind of ‘Valley’ of hills and from the right viewpoint you can make some nice shots.  

I was pointed out that I should visit the Brühlbergturm on the Brühlberg which is actually a tower holding boosting devices for telephone signals.

The Brühlberg is located just outside the city of Winterthur.  Click here to view on Google Maps.  


Brühlbergturm is located on the Brühlberg and is actually quite nice. The forest on the mountain, actually it is more a hill, is very nice and you have various trails going through the forest. Good for walking, strolling and jogging/running. The forest got some fire places where you can make a BBQ as well.

Below some shots and a nice panorama shot form the Brühlbergturm. Click to enlarge.

Bruehlbergturm 1

Bruehlbergturm 2

Bruehlbergturm 3

Bruehlbergturm 4

Bruehlbergturm 5

Bruehlbergturm 6

Bruehlbergturm 7

Bruehlbergturm 8


Bruehlbergturm Panorama

Bruehlbergturm pano



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