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Scheveningen Beach – Updated !

So when you are 9,000kms from home, it is raining, you’re sick (recovering from a serious ear problem) and have… read more Scheveningen Beach – Updated !

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The Clouds seen from my kitchen window

The Clouds seen from my kitchen window. Yesterday I was sitting behind my computer editing some photos and I noticed… read more The Clouds seen from my kitchen window

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Sunset: I love it

Sunset. I think Thailand is one of the places in the world were you can see the best sunset. ¬†As… read more Sunset: I love it

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More Sunset

More sunset over Winterthur City Switzerland. Seen from the Goldenberg. Also here you can have some nice sunset but nowhere… read more More Sunset

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Sunset was very beautiful yesterday. So i grabbed my cameras and hanging out my kitchen window to see some spectacular… read more Sunset