Give something back to earth

Give Something Back to Earth

Is a Swiss Photography Project from a couple of photographers and models.  I really like the idea behind it and urge you to get that calendar ! 

The photographers and models from Give Something Back to Earth, made a calendar from their model shoots. You can buy the calendar online on their website. For just 30CHF (About 30USD and 28 EURO) you will support some projects like ‘Swiss National Parks’ and ‘S.T.A.R.T. – Save The Animals Rescue Team’.

Their Website.

Give Something Back to Earth has a website, click here to visit their site. The site is in German and gives an outline of what they do and were the money will be going. Very transparent. You can also find them on Facebook.

The Idea.

The idea of Give Something Back to Earth is to do something more that just shoot photos, put them on the net, etc. The photographers and models teamed up and decided that they can do more with their skills, hobby and profession. And it is a very nice idea: when you can do something good, and you are good at it, why not do something with that to support organisations that help to make this world a better place ?

Below is a translated (Google Translate) version of the idea as mentioned on the website.

‘Our earth needs help – it is home to not only us humans. Our flora and fauna could perish because of us – if we do not change!
Therefore, this project was launched.

Here you can have information & impressions seek about the idea behind the project and our day on which took place the shoot.
In the Webshop you can order the calendar. Thumbnails are gradually shown to here and on the Facebook page as well. The images that are on display serve as an insight which styles will be represented in the calendar.

So why not do something good with our passion and our hobby ?

Don’t just take pictures, and put them on internet. We want our pictures touch people and to encourage them, our environment and our animals to give something back. Therefore, We have the project “Give something back to our earth” started. We will create a calendar and sell it at the price of 30 CHF. Everything we collect from selling the calendar will be donated to the organisations we support after deduction of the calendar production fees’


give something back to earth project


The Supported Organisations

Give Something Back to Earth supports initially 3 organisations. Each in a different field of work and attentions.

1 For the animals:  Support will go to S.T.A.R.T. – Save The Animals Rescue Team.  These people care for homeless animals, fight against animal cruelty and other issues. More info can be found on their Facebook Page.

2 Swiss National Parks is the second one. The aims of the Swiss National Parks are threefold: to allow the unhindered development of nature without human interference; to research the ensuing natural processes; to inform visitors. Research and information are of course intrinsically linked to the overall aim of protection. In this way the National Park contributes to the sustainable development of the region. To achieve this, they need a lot of support.

For my readers who have been to Switzerland:  you all know how beautiful the country is and that it takes a lot to keep it that way. So get that calendar and support this good cause.

3 The third one is  Half of the world’s rainforest has been destroyed in the last 40 years.  And, contrary to the headlines, rainforest continues to be lost at a faster rate than ever. is the charity that works alongside the local people to halt rainforest destruction.

This one got my very personal support: why ? Everybody who knows me, knows that I was a Jungle guide, Scuba diver, Snorkeler and Kayaker. I have seen how fast we kill our environment. I have seen devastation of nature first hand and experienced it as well. Without nature we are lost, we need nature in our lives, we need it. Cities are just concrete jungles and don’t provide for life. Nature does.

The Team

Well this is a part of the team of Give Something Back to Earth 🙂 On the website you can find more photos.



thank you for your donation



I don’t have a preview of the actual calendar yet, but here is a photo (Screenshot) with what you can expect. All photographers are very professional and produced high quality images.



All photos in this article are from Give Something Back to Earth Website.

So why support this project ?

These people are just normal folks that have regular jobs but also an amazing skill set. Their skill set made them to have hobbies and/or professions that brings them in nature.  Nature is what they love and care. So these normal people just want to do something good for our world with what they can do. How often do you hear: ‘ yeah but what can I do ?’  These people give you an example of WHAT YOU CAN DO.

Only for THAT only it is already worth to support them.

Second, you get something in return. A beautiful calendar. They don’t ask you to just donate money, they give you something in return too and not just only a feeling that you have supported something good.

Third, like mentioned before, these folks are regular people and they CARE for the world around them. By starting this project from scratch and work with just what they have to support projects that make the world a better place, it takes courage, ideas, creativity and perseverance.

Now you can say:  ‘ yeah but I do that too, I also care for our world ‘. Now ask yourself: what have you done so far to make this place a better world with just what you have ?


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