More Black and White Photos

Here are some more black and white photography shots. I went into my photo stock and converted some recent shots to B&W. And wow ! I like it. Below some shots from Lombok, Bali, Neuchatel, Moscow. 

I really start to enjoy this black and white photography. Actually it is more the post processing. I started to convert quite some photos to look how they look in B&W. Also there is a certain ‘grit’ in B&W photography. An atmosphere you don’t get with color. I will continue to convert some more photos and post them on my website. 

Trigger Boat at Gili Layar, Lombok, Indonesia
Chinese Barber and watch repair shop. That chair must be as old as the man himself.
The Watchmaker, China
Chinese Barber and watch repair shop.
Seagypsy woman at Surin Islands Thailand
Seagypsy man at Surin Islands Thailand
Russian Subway, Moscow Russia.
Russian Subway, Moscow Russia.
Russian Subway, Moscow Russia.
If you can read it, tell me. Yunnan China
Care taker of the Pura Gunung Lebah Ubud Bali
Back alleys in Siena Italy.
Back alleys in Siena Italy
Neuchatel Switzerland
Neuchatel Switzerland

More black and white photography on my website. Click here, here and here.


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