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Moscow Subway

If you ever get stuck in Moscow, go to the subways. The subway stations are immaculate pieces of art. The…

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More Black and White Photos

Here are some more black and white photography shots. I went into my photo stock and converted some recent shots…

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Art at the Boulevard

I was looking for some photos and I run into these ones. At Scheveningen Beach Boulevard there are some arr…

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Calligraphy with my cousin Edria

Shooting the calligraphy course with my cousin Edria in Jakarta. It looks so easy (the calligraphy I mean) but it…

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Pumpkin Exhibition Rudolfingen Switzerland

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins and more Pumpkins. A complete village full with pumpkins. Amazing ! The complete village is dark. The only light…

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Some of my watercolour paintings

I made some watercolour paintings out of my photos. Here are some photos converted to watercolour paintings that also appear…

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Lago Maggiore, my second book

My second book is finished ! The book is about Ticino Switzerland.

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Ticino in Aquarelle and Photos

Been working on my book about Ticino in Aquarelle and Photos. The book is in the same style as my…