Calligraphy with my cousin Edria

Shooting the calligraphy course with my cousin Edria in Jakarta. It looks so easy (the calligraphy I mean) but it is difficult to get those lines right ! And you made it look so easy Edri…. 🙂  Amazing.

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We where on the way to Bali and we stopped in Jakarta for a visit to my auntie Riama and cousin Edria. Edria  invited us to join with her calligraphy course. We saw how she prepared all the course material herself. Calligraphing the name card for on the table for example. Very fine art. 

The basic calligraphy course is not set in a classroom. Noooo !! It is set in a fine tea room with aircon. A place where creative people like my cousin can rent space and do their things. A very nice setting, environment and you can use the utilities from the tea room aswell. (at the bottom of the page some photos of the tearoom).


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The course.

Starts with an introduction of the ‘master’ 🙂 and then you are up. All materials are included like a calligraphy pen, course material and walnut inkt. An explanation of the material and how to use it is also included. Edria give the example then you have to follow. Problems ? No worries. Edria gives a lot of personal attention to you and helps you along the way. 

Calligraphing can be ‘intensive’ so a light lunch or brunch is also included. Some very nice snacks and you can have tea to go with it. 


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So the basic calligraphy course learns you how to make the letters. You will get a sheet and  it’s like learning to write again: there are examples and they fade out. So you follow the examples until you have make the letters yourself. Edria gives you full support in case of trouble 🙂 Also there is a lot of dedicated personal attention. 


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You can follow her on:

Instagram supercalligraphylistic 

Instagram Edria 

If you want to sign up for classes, click here


The Tea Room.

This is a very nice place.

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