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So i changed my website. To be honest I like the old one better, but it was to heavy. A page load of  4mb was just not acceptable and I could not make it smaller. So this one is much lighter, faster loading, better for Google, etc. 

I’m not done yet, but it’s already online. So in the next days, weeks you will see so updates. 

I still use WordPress for my website. For me it is the best system to build and control your website. I use a free theme, Annina Theme from the but now i’m thinking to upgrade to the Pro version as it offers quite some things that I want to use. The theme is very lightweight and installing it is a breeze. I do like the masonry lay-out of my previous website, so i was looking for something similar but more lightweight.

Still by lay out I do prefer my old site, but it’s just to heavy. At some points the load time was 15 sec. !!! But this new WP theme is also very good and it’s light. My homepage is now less than 1mb and a loadtime of 5 sec (max) !

About future updates:

I have some posts in preparation.

1 Chiang Rai Thailand. An overlooked and undervalued province in Thailand

2 The Fujifilm GFX50S

3 Why zooming with your feet is not the same as with a lens

When i’m done fixing my website issues I will start posting some new stuff. The article about Chiang Rai takes me also a bit longer then expected.

Stay tuned for more….


Chiang Rai Thailand.

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Hi... I am Ryan Nigel Scheemaker and I am a travel and landscape photographer.

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