Tanzania – Serengeti

Out of Africa… This trip was not really at the Serengeti but at Ngorongoro National Park. Just a few pics i took at the real Serengeti. Reason ? Well my trip was short and the rangers advised me to skip Serengeti because it is so so big. In Ngorongoro i could see the same and more in a short time. The Serengeti Experience would be better in the end, because of the wideness and openness of the plains. But you have to travel long and far. And by price it was better to go to Ngorongoro. 

Anyway, here some shots from that fantastic trip. This trip i made after my Zanzibar visit (click here to see my Zanzibar post). It’s been a while, yes. But i never had the chance to edit the photos. I left a bag with some harddrives, clothes, etc. and more stuff that i didn’t want to take with me on my next journey. Travel light. Bring only what you really need. 

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