Jordan – Petra, Wadi Mujib and Wadi Rum

I never thought the desert could be so much fun. Jordan is dry and when you come to Wadi Rum it’s dirt dry. But what a scenery and what a color. Especially with sunsets and sunrises. My visit was a short one, but an intense one. From Amman straight into the car and off to Wadi Mujib. Done there, off to Petra and from there to the Dead Sea followed by Wadi Rum. And same way back ! 

Amman. Coming into Amman is something different. Many many world cities have an area of mirror glass high rise buildings. And yes, also in Amman there are now a few. But not so much as in other cities. The city itself got still its old character and buildings. Especially round sunset times or sunrise times you can get stunning city shots when you go to the higher parts of town. 

More to come.

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