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A Quick Trip to Morocco

A visual impression of a few days in Morocco. More to come. 

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Panama City

Panama. Famous for the Panama Canal but also for its financial businesses. Panama City is a financial center and together…

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Porto – Portugal

On my way to the Canary Islands i got stuck for 2 days in Porto, Portugal. Not the worst place…

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A Day in Venice Italy

Venice, probably the most visited and photographed town in Italy. It is one of the world’s tourist landmarks. And it…

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Havana Cuba

A city with so much to see and such colorful people. Where history, present and future run through each other….

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Hallstadt – Austria

For tourists it is probably the best known and scenic town in Austria. And when you walk around here, it…

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Alfama – Lisbon Portugal

Alfama is one of the most beautiful areas in Lisbon. It is the old – call it classic – part…

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Stop-Overs are great to do cityscape and skyline photography

I have been on the road a lot. And instead of wasting your time at long stop overs or connections…

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Last night I was in Amsterdam. It was a longtime ago since i’ve visited the city, and man, did the…

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Round trip Italy part 9: Parma Domossola and Centovalli Train

The last part (part 9) of our round trip in Italy. Domodossola and Parma. And an extra section about the…

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Round trip Italy part 8: Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, is an amazing place. The 5 villages on the sea create a stunning landscape and atmosphere. No wonder…

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Round trip Italy part 4: Florence

My 4th travel and photo report and it is about Florence, Italy. It is a long one. Plenty of photos and…