Last night I was in Amsterdam. It was a longtime ago since i’ve visited the city, and man, did the it changed. One thing that not changed was one of my all time favourite restaurants Kam Yin. Food is still good, still the same and still busy as ever. 

So I went by train and when you walk out the train station, this photo is the first thing you see. Quite nice.  Take a left from there and you are in the city center, the Red Light district, the 1000 and 1 eateries, the screaming and drunk tourists and the pot smoking crowds.  Nice to be back in Amsterdam ! 

Since Amsterdam is quite a famous city I will spare you the details. Look on Wiki or on one of the hunderds of tourist info websites.  But what you really should do is eat in Amsterdam. You have nearly all the food from the world available. From Chinese to Thai, from Bulgarian to Spanish, from Italian to Greek, it’s all there and quite affordable too.

So what to do else ? Amsterdam got tons of good musea, music venues, shopping and of course tons of pot. The red light district became more a tourist trap. Hunderds of people walk through the small allies, to get a glimp from what’s going on.

Finally, the city has a decent public transportation system so you can move around easily.  The good thing is that the railway station is back smack down in the city center. From there it is very easy. The subway is below the trainstation and nearly all the trams and busses halt at the trainstation.  

This is the first part of Amsterdam, I will go back soon to shoot some more. Flower market, Munt Square, Dam Square, etc.   

Below some more photos. Click to enlarge.

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