For Sale: my Vintage Cameras

Vintage camera collection for sale. These cameras are really old but still working. If you can get the film for it you can create some really nice photos. People who are interested can leave a comment in the comment section. ( For this post I leave the comments open). 

If you have serious interest in buying this gear, please contact me by email.

I took the photos without dusting them off 🙂 so i will clean them all and make them look shiny again 🙂 

The Collection

Voight;ander Vitoret Rapid D

Voightlander Vitoret Rapid D with Afga ISI Flash. Fully functioning, heavy signs of wear visible. 🙂 This one is from 1964.
Country: Germany
Years Produced: 1964
Body Type: Rigid, fixed lens
Film Type: 35mm Agfa Rapid Cassettes
Lens Type: Color Lanthar f/2.8 40mm
Shutter Type: Prontor 300
Flash Type: Accessory Shoe

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Empire Scout Camera

Empire Scout. 4x4cm on 120 Film camera. Fully functioning.
Model: Scout Model No.316 camera
Production Empire: 1960, Hong Kong

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Afga Clack

Agfa Clack with Flash. 120mm Film 6×9. Fully functioning.
Model: Clack
Production: 1954-1965

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