Lombok Island Indonesia – All the Photos !

Finally…. done editing ! Here are all the photos from my trip to Lombok Island Indonesia. In lombok island part 1 and in lombok island part 2 . I have links at the bottom of the page linking to this page. Quite a lot of photos from ONLY Lombok Island. There is just so much to see. 🙂 From the dry South to the Green North. After selecting I came out on a whopping 2,016 photos (!) After some more selecting and editing it went down to 384, 🙂 Much better.

At Tiu Kelep Waterfall. Trying to find a good position to make a long exposure shot. Next time: wear swimming pants 🙂

Where have I been ?

So enjoy the photos ! Below a Google Map with all the places i have visited. As you see i was mostly in the West, North and South. Only the Middle and South East i haven’t visited. (Pink Beach, Tete Batu, etc) but a good reason to go back again. This time just after the raining season, because all the waterfalls will have water. My visit was at the end of the dry season. Also due to climate change, the island hasn’t had any significant rain for nearly a year. Makes you think…..

Only the South East of Lombok I haven’t visited 🙂 So a good reason to go back !
Setting up my old travel pal: my fujifilm X-M1 with the 16-55mm and ND filter. Shooting Sunset at Karandangan Viewpoint.

The Photos

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About 163 photos from the 384. Resolution is low. If i choose high res images, load times will 10 fold 🙂 . When you move with your mouse over the photo, you see a small description.

In the next coming weeks i will update the gallery to about 200 photos. So keep coming back 🙂

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