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A Quick Trip to Morocco

A visual impression of a few days in Morocco. More to come. 

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Budapest – Hungary

I went to Budapest for a few days. The last time i was there was about 25 years ago, so…

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Havana Cuba

A city with so much to see and such colorful people. Where history, present and future run through each other….

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Off the Rails in India

From the Taj Mahal in the North to the Backwaters in Kerala in the South. A quick trip by plane…

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Quick Shot: some more black and white shots

Here are some more black and white photos that I took in Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong. I started to…

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Algarve – Portugal

Some shots from Albufeira and Porches Algarve Portugal.  I was there for a training course and took the opportunity to…

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Quick Shot – Black and White Street Photography in China

Here are some black and white street photography photos from a recent trip. All photos are edited in NIK Silver…

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The Watchmaker

In Takuapa Thailand there is a lovely shop of a watchmaker/barber. I stopped by to make some photos (with his…