Quick Shot – The Hague House of Parliament

If you ever visit The Netherlands, you should visit the House of Parliament in The Hague. (and while you there anyway, you can also visit the Peace Palace 🙂 ). The House of Parliament is in the city center and can be reached by public transport. It is a very old building, some new ones are attached to it, but you can see the old Dutch architecture. The Government is actually using the buildings. 

I went out to do some long exposure shots because the sky looked really promising. Some color and grey clouds…. A but of movement in the cloulds as well, so my sunset shoot could not go wrong. Well it did went wrong… The ever changing light did not bring the colors I was hoping for. Instead of that, the sky turned grey…  But grey skies are can also be nice to shoot. Gives a bit that depressing feeling. But I have to come back one more time to The Hague. 

Below some shots of the House of Parliament in The Hague. I edited all the photos in LR and PS (as always).  Maybe I have overdone the skies a bit, but it was really that grey. The nice thing was that there was some color coming through that grey mass. 




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