Post Processing in Lightroom

These tutorials are very good and shows you the basics of post-processing photos into Lightroom. In the video they use Lightroom 5, but the techniques are all the same in all versions of Lightroom. Make sure you got one of the latest versions, if you got a new camera. Just to make sure that the camera profiles are in Lightroom. (see video why…)

This is actually how I how i process my photos too. Later on I will post also some tutorials about processing in Photoshop.

Once you have mastered the basic skills of processing in Lightroom and Photoshop you can actually combine these 2. Also it is possible to work with various plugins like VSCO, TOPAZ, etc.

The nice thing about learning about post-processing is that you learn a lot about your camera and the files.

I used to be a Canon shooter. Now I shoot with Fuji X. Why ? Well while learning post processing in Lightroom and Photoshop is shot also with other brands and different camera types. Point and shoot, Nikon, Olympus, Mirrorless systems, etc. What I learned is that the Canon files are way behind. You cannot push them as much as for example the Fuji X files. I am not saying that they are bad or the image quality is worse, it is just that they are not as flexible as for example Fuji X. So, during my ‘learning curve’, I actually learned a lot about my cameras, my way of shooting, the way I want photos to look like and develop my own style. All of this made me choose the right camera set up for me and not wasting anymore money on gear. (stop being a gear head and pixel peeper 🙂 ).

So this video is part 1, here is the link to part 2. On YouTube you can find much more.

Enjoy and discover your own cameras, capabilities and develop your own style.


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