Classic Cars

My weekend was pretty ok. A local garage specialized in restoring classic cars had a show and so I went off to have a look. I love classic stuff…  Since i didn’t know what to expect, I brought 2 cameras, 1 with a long zoom (Canon with a 18-135mm) and 1 with a short zoom (Fuji X with a 16-55mm).

The problem with cars is, especially on shows, that they are all nicely polished. So you really have to watch out for reflections of yourself shooting those nice cars.
But it’s very nice for selfies !!! Not only bright shining cars can be a problem, hard bright sunlight enhances the troubles…. And of course, I had that. The weather was nice, bright sunlight, going to very hard sunlight after 1 pm. Reflections, blown out highlights, etc. are very common. I decided to go for detail shots and amazing what you actually can discover on classics cars. Much more detail than the modern ones.

At the car show there were some really really nice old timers, a rock-a-billy-band and some new cars as well. The Canon was my favorite camera to shoot with, as I had the focal length that i need to shoot ‘portraits’. Also in post-processing in Lightroom the not so good Canon files, created exactly the effects that i wanted to have. The Fuji was also good, but for this job the Canon did it.

Have a look at the photos, I hope you like them.


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