New Calendars 2021

So some new artwork for 2021. These are the calendars for 2021 in A3 and A4 format. The A3 is a wall calendar while the A4 will be a desktop stand calendar. There is more artwork to come: Posters, Cards and a Book. Yes a Book ! A book with my travel photos of places that we are about to loose.

The series called ‘The World we live in’. Why ? Due to the corona crisis i am at home, or at least a place i can call home, so i’ve been going through my COMPLETE photo stock. And i get memories, good ones, bad ones. Many places i have visited multiple times. And i have seen how it runs backwards. It inspired me to put some work together about what we have to loose. We have so many beautiful places in this world and the only thing we do is fuck up this planet…..

So will post more, but for now i leave it with the 2 calendars. Photo selection is a pain and a long process. Besides that, i also need to write the texts, etc. with it. Below the two calendars….



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Hi... I am Ryan Nigel Scheemaker and I am a travel and landscape photographer.