I stopped with Social Media like Facebook and Instagram

It is so time consuming and for me, it became a total waste of time. It really is. I do all the stuff alone: make photos, editing, printing, posting online, etc. and it is a hell of a job, but i like to make photos and do post processing. I the beginning i’d like to post them straight to Facebook, Insta etc, but since September 2019, i had given it a thought. I’d made a decision: stop with Facebook and Instagram. I have deactivated my personal account and my Facebook Page. On Insta i already had a private account but i stopped updating it and now also deactivated it.

My Pinterest Page

So why ? Because it’s too time consuming for me and the feedback/useful stuff that i get out of it is so minimal i can live without it. The comments, the likes, the policy of page ranking, the importancy of your posts, etc. it all became to much for me. I shoot travel and landscape photos. And those photos are good. But they lack half naked girls, animals doing stupid things, narcissistic selfies, etc. So the exposure that you need you don’t get. Or you get the exposure but no the likes (that you need to get exposure, get it? )

Another reason is that Facebook turns into a advertising-fake news-commercial page. I see only updates from maybe 10 or 15 from my Facebook Friends and they are always the same ones. The rest of the feed is advertisements, suggested pages, likes from people i don’t know and more of that crap. Instagram is going the same way. And i’m just so done typing so many hashtags, key words, etc. Besides that: Facebook is full of fake, deep fakes, etc and Insta is going the same way. I don’t want to be part of that, and i don’t want to spend time on that.

My Linkedin Page

Since i stopped with social media i have more time, more focus, more knowing-what-i-am-doing, just more of all the important stuff that you need to run your business. And do i miss the social media ? Not at all, not one single moment ! 🙂

For now i leave my Instagram for what it is, deactivated. Also my Pinterest Page stays like it is. I will not update them anymore. Instead i will put more effort in my website. More posts, more photos, more stories and in time also video.

Now, let’s see how many people still ‘LIKE’ me 🙂 Because if you are not on social media you don’t exist.

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Hi... I am Ryan Nigel Scheemaker and I am a travel and landscape photographer.