fishing in black and white

I like black and white photography. In fact I like highly processed photos in black and white. From razor sharp images to high contrast, from grainy film like black and white shots to sepia coloured. Black and white photos can tell so much more. They can create an atmosphere, a scenery, something that pushes your fantasies and creativity.

fishing thailand 1

Here are some experiments.  I was on the beach and it was late afternoon, sky was greyish and a haze was in the air. These local guys were (net) fishing on the beach. Both of them could not swim…. But still they did what they needed to do. I shot these pics with a Lumix point and shoot camera. I loaded the photos in PS CS6 and played a bit around with NIK Silver Efex Pro. Kind a like the end result. Grainy, dark, contrast. Anyway that is my point of view. 🙂  The photos are not perfect, and that is exactly the intention.

fishing thailand 2

fishing thailand 3

fishing thailand 4


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