Some people ask me where I got the knowledge how to do things with photoshop or lightroom, edit photos, etc. Well the answer is simple: Internet. You see, I didn’t went to school to learn photography, everything I know about photography and editing photos is from the internet and more experienced photographers. Also workshops helped a lot, but for most, trial and error by doing it all yourself.

Most of my tutorials I got from Petapixel a very nice website, where you can learn a lot. Also the tutorials have links to other websites where you can find even more.

Then there is Youtube. Here you can find tons of tricks, tutorials, etc. You just need to make time to see them all and try for yourself.

My 5 basic rules:

1 What do you want with your photos ?

2 Find out what you need

3 Start learning

4 Expand your interests, your knowledge and discover more

5 Pass it through

These are the 5 basics that I use for my photos.


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Hi... I am Ryan Nigel Scheemaker and I am a travel and landscape photographer.