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Bolivia – Visiting the Altiplano Salt Flats

It’s an amazing place. It truly is. Salt, just salt everywhere. The Bolivian Salt Flats at the Altiplano are a…

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Chiang Rai Thailand – Part 1

Chiang Rai Thailand is one of the most undervalued areas in Thailand. There is so much to see and to do….

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Rheinschlucht – Ruinaulta – Switzerland

I did this trip in combination with Caumasee. I got so many photos of the Rheinschlucht so I split the…

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The sky turning red…

We should look up more to the sky. A couple a days ago nature presented this… Stunning moments of colour,

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Best of Phang Nga Bay Thailand

I have done sooo many trips to this beautiful place. Sorting out the photos was already a hell of a…

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Colors of Autumn

1 2 ► So Autumn has started here in Switzerland… The trees shift colors in an amazing way. To the…