Some new post processing

Post processing is something that can be used up to your own taste or wishes from customers. Actually there are so many tools and plugins that you really have to see what you actually want to do. Never loose the focus on what the shot/photo/order/etc. is or should be all about.

I was in Ticino and made some nice shots. The nice thing about digital photography is that it opens up complete new creative possibilities. Some people/photographers don’t like it, some like it too much. Anyway, with all these modern digital tools you can do whatever you like to do.  So, lets make a painting, a watercolor painting, out of these shots. For this  type of processing I use Filter Forge Watercolor.  Filter Forge is an Photoshop plugin. The plugin works online, so make sure you have a decent internet connection. You can use the 30 day free trail version first. See if you like it 🙂

Below a couple of samples of what i did so far. Try to get creative with your photos. There are so much possibilities !

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4



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