Post Processing

Not to much updates at the moment. Sorry !

Lately i’ve been busy with post processing of photos and scanned negatives.  It is quite a creative but also time consuming process. The things you can do with today’s digital tools are unlimited. On internet there are more than enough online tutorials that will explain the various tools available.. Just see what suits your needs.

For myself i use a lot Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 5.7 and Photomatix Pro. Also i use various Photoshop Plugins like Topaz Labs and Alien Skin. There are so many plugins available, just read first what they do and how they suit your needs.

Photography is different for every person, and not every photo is for everyone’s taste. Same like art 🙂

Start to be creative with all those digital tools and create your own art.



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Hi... I am Ryan Nigel Scheemaker and I am a travel and landscape photographer.