Plans and Future.

Hi !

0eSo my site is still under construction but here are some things you can expect from me in the next upcoming years.

The photos on my site: they all gonna change. As i live in Thailand at the moment, i use my Thai photo stock to build up the site. But after July 2015 that is all going to change 🙂

And that brings me to the next point: After May 2015, i will leave Thailand. Been my home for more than 10 years. Now it is time to move on.

Where to ? Well i have traveled a lot in my life. Thailand was a break, a long break. But now i got the travel spirit back and i have a list of places that i will visit.

Which ones ? The list is long and time consuming as well. But beautiful….. Bhutan, Iceland, Galapalos Islands, New Zealand, Nepal, China (Guilin area) and the most important one: Some of the Atols in the Great Pacific Ocean.

What to do ? I am a travel photographer, i make impressions.  In between trips i will produce online material that can be bought from my online store, but i’m also going to develop a Travel Journal. After that I will produce a series of photo books from the places i have visited.

It is quite an ambitious project, actually the next chapter in my life. And i want it to be the best one.

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Hi... I am Ryan Nigel Scheemaker and I am a travel and landscape photographer.