My photo became a painting


This photo I made for Chang, a ver talented painter out of Khao Lak Thailand. He was competing in a painting match organised and supported by the Princess of Thailand.  The painting took the 3rd place in the match 🙂 and it hangs at the Queen Sirikit Exhibition Center in Bangkok.

The final painting got a bit different from my photo. A dog was added and also the woman carrying the baby looking towards the man washing the truck.

Shooting this scene was a nightmare. First of all: we needed to arrange a truck. Second: a place to park it and third some people that will pose with it…. Sounds simple but try to arrange it and make it all happen at the same time. Then the temperature. This was shot in dry season in Thailand, in the morning. 34 degrees celsius, humidity 80%. The shoot took about 3 hours. Yes, it was hot and we got very wet from our sweat.

But all in all: it was worth it and I am still happy with it.

Below some photos of HRH Sirindhorn, Princess of Thailand and Chang with the final painting in Queen Sirikit Exhibition Center.

Below some of the photos of the shoot so you got an impression what we have done to create this.

<insert gallery shooting truck>


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