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As I have writen before, I do a lot post processing in Lightroom and Photoshop. How to use these post processing tools is up to your own taste. Here you will find some YouTube Channels where I learned my way of post processing with Lightroom and Photoshop. The first channel is from Serge Ramelli, a French photographer and Lightroom wizard. To me, his style of post processing is what I was looking for. 

Post processing is a matter of personal taste. Some want to do a lot, some just a tiny bit. If you are looking for the last one, skip this post and never look at it again 🙂 This is about some serious Lightroom editing. Lightroom is a really powerful processing tool. you can make dull photos look like a million. Sure, there are other packages like Phase Capture, Iridient, etc. To me, Lightroom offers the best of all. 

Have a look at the channel of Serge Ramelli and learn about post processing. Then try it yourself ! It’s really good.

Photo and editing by Serge Ramelli. Visit his youtube channel to see more.



A second channel that I watch a lot is Yurifineart. His post processing follows a bit the same way as Serge Ramelli. but at some points he have a different approach. A very good channel to learn to work wih Lightroom. 


Photo and editing by Yurifineart. Visit his channel to see more. 



Both channels offer full video of a complete post processing of a (dull) photo and a comparison of before and after. 

Like I said before, in the videos of both channels you will see some extreme post processing. If you don’t like that, look elsewhere. What I like is that it teaches you how to make something nice out of what on first looks doesn’t look nice. Also it boosts your creativity and your knowledge. 

Have fun with the channels.

 Here is a video of Yurifineart Channel.

 And here is one of Serge Ramelli

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