Hiking from LauchernAlp to FaflerAlp: The Lötschental Höhenweg

A very nice hike in the Swiss Alps. From LauchernAlp via Teli Alp to FaflerAlp. Location: Kanton Wallis.

LauchernAlp to FaflerAlp

LauchernAlp to FaflerAlp in Lötschental  Switzerland.  The hike is a high level path (up to 2200m) on the sunny Lötschental slopes.The Lötschental is the largest valley on the northern side of the Rhône valley in the canton of Valais (Wallis) in Switzerland. It lies in the Bernese Alps, with the Lonza running down the length of the valley from its source within the Langgletscher. The hike brings you through fragrant flower meadows and forest. You will see stunning views into the valley, impressive peaks and glacier panorama (see photos below). When you arrive at the Schwarzsee you can stop and take a bath.  This is a classic hike, and highly recommended.

Hiking Lauchernalp

Start at LauchernAlp. Take the lift (gondel) up there and start walking towards Fafler Alp. The hike is descending over nearly the complete route. First part (About 1/3 of the route) is a ascending from 2100 to 2300m.  Then the route is descending to 1700m. When you do the trip reverse (Start at FaflerAlp), you have to ascend nearly all the way and there are some steep points along the route. I would recommend to start at Lauchern Alp. The hiking trail is very well maintained and there is good signage along the way.

Arrival at TeliAlp. Amazing views.



Teli Alp

The LauchernAlp area is absolutely stunning and the landscape is divers. You start at the top, above the trees, and then descent through the forest which brings you to TeliAlp. Stunning views (photo above is take there). A very nice place to sit down and eat your sandwiches. You have to bring food and drinks, the only place where you can buy food and drinks is at TeliAlp and at the end at FaflerAlp.


After TeliAlp you make it to the very nice and scenic Schwarzsee. Nice place to have short break and, if you like and it is warm enough, have a swim. When we were there (Sept. 2016) the Schwarzsee had not to much water but still enough to enjoy.


Schwarzasee Lauchernalp

Schwarzasee Lauchernalp


Along the hike you will cross some water streams but we only saw the dry beddings. When you go in Spring it must be one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland. Fresh water streams running of the mountain, flowers in the fields and a lush green forest in front of the snow covered Lauchern Alp. I have to do this hike again in Spring.


If you want to make photos, leave early. There are so many nice locations and so many great views, it is easy to get lost in the beautiful landscape. As always: bring a body with some decent dynamic range. You will be shooting high contrast scenes and have to lift shadows in post. Bring a CPL and a gradient ND. Tripod not needed, but if you got a very light one, bring it. You can do some long exposures of the fresh water streams. Lenses: wide and/or standard zoom. I shot all photos with a 24-70mm and only a few times I regretted that I didn’t bring a 16-35mm.


Hiking map.

Here is a hiking map from LauchernALp to FaflerAlp. The route is about 9km (more or less). If walk all the time and make a little pause somewhere on the way you can do the hike in 2 hours 50 minutes. If you do like me, stop a lot and take photos, the trip takes you at least 5 hours. 🙂  Note: i stopped really a lot to take photos.

The map is by Map Wanderland.ch. Very good interactive maps. Click here to see the map online. Or click on the map below to view larger size.




Getting there.

We got there by train. From Zürich you can take a train to Bern and there you have to switch to the train that brings you to Goppenstein.  Make sure you sit in the first part of the train because along the way the train splits in half.  Get out at Goppenstein and there you can take bus 591 that brings you to the lift and/or to Fafler Alp.

If you come from the Zürich area (like me) leave early. Round 7am. It takes about 3,5 hours to get there. 🙂

The hiking route seems to be popular. When we did the trip the train and busses where full. The people are very organised up there. When they see large groups of hikers coming they add extra busses instantly. So no worries about getting there and away.


Hiking Lauchernalp


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