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In the category ‘and now something different’ here is a post about cooking food. 🙂

fried rice2We all cook food. So do I. And I love it. When cooking you either have too much or too less. I my case I always cook too much food… My wife takes some to her work but I still have too much.  Every 2 or 3 days I cook the left overs from the past days and today I’m gonna do something with rice, mixed veggies, bacon (bacon is always good) and eggs. We gonna do fried rice with bacon, veggies and egg.

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All together it’s to less for 2 persons, but enough for 1 person. There was a time in my life that I was really not doing well and could not be picky with food. You have to eat what you get (if you get any). I started to appreciate food a whole lot more after that period and I hate to through away food anyway.  Also the fact that I don’t want to waste food makes me do this. So safe your left overs and make a day to eat it all. The internet offers tons of recipes and you also can make some ‘experiments’.  Let your creative part run free !


fried rice5

For the basics, I have always onions and garlic. The recipe is quite simple, just chop up a bit of onion and garlic and toss in a wok together with the bacon, stir fry until the bacon is nearly done. Don’t add any oil or something, the fat from the bacon is enough. In the mean time whisk an egg. Toss in the left-over mixed veggies, the rice and as last the egg. Turn the heat high (max.) and stir fry the lot.  Season a bit with salt and pepper and light soy sauce.  Garnish with spring onions and some cassava chips.

Tips: I like spicy, so if I have, I add a chili or sambal when the onions and bacon is in. Second: I add the bean sprouts after. I eat them raw. What you also can do is to blanche them for 1 min. in boiling water and add them to the dish.

So there you go… perfect Asian lunch. Bon appetite 🙂



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