Caumasee – Lake Cauma – Switzerland

Caumasee or Lake Cauma in Switzerland is very beautiful. The crystal clear turquoise water gives a nice contrast with the surrounding landscape.

Caumasee (Romansh: Lag la Cauma or Lai da Cauma) is a lake near Flims, in the Grisons, Switzerland. It is one of the lakes on the Flims Rockslide deposits. The other one is Lake Cresta or Crestesee and is on walking distance. The lake is fed from underground sources.




The level of the lake varies by approximately 4 to 5 meters along with the varying underground water flow during the year, hence reaches its minimum by the end of April when snow melting in the mountains increases. A maximum level is reached by mid July but may be topped in August even after previous falling due to summer rain. The very western bay never freezes in winter, probably showing a maximum water flow in this area.

When the lake is at a low level, with a small volume of water, it warms up sooner than most lakes in the region, so people can be seen starting to swim the lake in April while bigger lakes even in lower areas of Switzerland remain rather cool. Water temperature in summer is at an average 21 Celsius, with a maximum around 24 Celsius. So pretty refreshing when you wanna have a swim 🙂  (text: Wikipedia).




Flims is a very nice town with some cool viewpoints. If you are not in a rush, get out at Flims Post Office or Flims Dorf when traveling with the bus. You can make a nice walk from the Flims Dorf to Flims Promonade. Some spectacular scenery is waiting you 🙂 Great views over the valley and Flims village.  You can actually walk from Flims Dorf to Flims Waldhause Caumasee and takes about 20 minutes. I can recommend it. 


How to get there

Since I travel with public transport here is the way to get to Caumasee.

  • Take a train to Chur. From Chur Train Station,
  • walk upstair to the ‘Postauto’ station. You can’t miss it on ever platform there is a HUGE sign pointing the way 🙂
  • Take bus 81 to Flims and get out at Flims Waldhaus Caumasee. 

The typical ‘Wanderwegge’ signs (the yellow hiking trail signs) will point you the right way. From Flims Waldhaus Caumasee its about 10 minutes to Caumasee. 




More info

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