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Hi... I am Ryan Nigel Scheemaker and I am a travel and landscape photographer. On my website you can read and see what I shoot, what I like, what my interests are and more.
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Some new post processing

As you all can see I use quite a lot post processing. I see post processing as a creative process that can enhance your shot(s), give special effects or make something completely different out of it. Here is a short post about post processing using Filter Forge Watercolor Filter. And I really like this filter.

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The way I shoot photos

  I get many positive reactions on my photos and i have received a couple of questions about how I… read more The way I shoot photos

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Switzerland is very nice, it’s also very expensive here… 🙂 Anyway Switzerland is also a photographers’ dream. Nearly everything is here: Sun, landscape, mountains, lakes, etc. By climate there is also a lot: Snow in winter, flowers and green mountain hills in spring, lush colored forests in Autumn.

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I went to Rhine falls Waterfall

A very very nice place with an impressive waterfall. Now that is a waterfall… And its Europe’s biggest !!!

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A little update….

So i got my old hard drives started again and, man, did i found some photos !

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Well i slightly overlooked the amount of work 🙂 Selecting photos takes far more time than i expected. And these… read more Progress….

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Plans and Future.

Hi ! So my site is still under construction but here are some things you can expect from me in… read more Plans and Future.

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Hello and Welcome !

Welcome to to my Website ! I hope you enjoy my photos and stories. 🙂

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Post Processing

For myself i use a lot Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 5.7 and Photomatix Pro. Also i use various Photoshop Plugins like Topaz Labs and Alien Skin. There are so many plugins available, just read first what they do and how they suit your needs.

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On tour with Mom and Dad

My Mom and Dad are here and i took them up for a trip to Cheow Lan Lake.

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Video: Turtle

Lately been doing some video work as well. That is a complete different game than photos !!!

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Getting into video

Video is not my kind of thing, but i’m getting into it. Its way more difficult than photography, it’s a real challenge !

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I’ve been discovering underwater photography and it is way different than above water !!! Even more challenging !

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Switching Gear

I just went completely mirrorless ! Sold nearly all the Canon DSLR’s and switched to Fujifilm X System.

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Sunset in Winterthur

Sunset here can be as beautiful as in Thailand 🙂