Apple Compote

Today, I made apple compote. Or in Dutch, appelmoes 🙂

Its very simple healthy and easy to make.

First get some apples. For this one I used Breadburn Apples because they are sour/sweet. 5 Apples gets you about 2 jars of apple compote.

Let’s go !

Peel the apples, remove the centre of the apples and chop them up. Toss in a medium size cooking pan. Add 3 tea spoons of sugar and half a tea spoon of cinnamon. Cook on medium heat, till soft. Stir frequently.

Get a mixer and make a soft puree of it. If you want it chunky with some pieces of apple left, just cook it shorter and mix it not to smooth.

Toss everything sterilized jars and there you go… your own apple compote.

Enjoy !




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