A couple of days in Hong Kong

Hong Kong. What is it like to stay here for a couple of days ? What can you do, where can you go and how ? I will answer all these questions. First of all: Hong Kong is busy, it is pack jam f#ckin’ busy. So if you having problems with large crowds, busy side walks, restaurants, places, etc. this city is NOT your place.  If you can cope with the busyness then Hong Kong can be quite a charming and nice place. 

Hong Kong Cityscape

I have visited Hong Kong quite often but never took the time to travel around. And this time I had the chance to see and do something. 

The island has a huge airport made on an artificial island. From there you can take a train, taxi, subway, etc. to town. I suggest you go with the train because you can see quite a bit of the landscape. Book your accommodation in advance. The last thing you want is to drag yourself and your luggage through the busyness of downtown in search of a place to stay. It drains your energy…. 

Once your are in your place to stay, dump the luggage, flip flops on, camera and off into the busyness of city life ! 

Highrises all the way


A perfect place for night cityscape photography

Top 10 Things to do in Hong Kong

1 Visit some peaks.

2 Boat ride in Hong Kong Harbour

3 SoHo

4 Markets

5 Muesea

6 Ta Mo Shan

7 Ngong Ping 360

8 Central Mid Levels Escalator

9 Lion Rock

10 Hong Kong Park

Chinese buddhism can be found throughout the city


And more night cityscape


Night cityscapes. I really like that

Hong Kong is a very good place to do night photography. The cityscape is just stunning. There are plenty locations throughout the city. Get up some peaks and you have a stunning view over the city. Recommended material to bring: Wide angle, medium zoom, ND filters and a tripod.

It’s worth to book a hotel with a view. Just for 1 night 🙂 you will be rewarded with some very very nice city views.

All the shots I made by just walking around and take public transport. Take a day pass or use the sightseeing busses. This stop over in Hong Kong I used for city photography. But if you are into street photography Hong Kong should be on your short list. I definitely come back to do some street photography !

Getting around

Hong Kong offers some great public transport. Get a day pass or a multi day pass and board the double decker trams. There are also sightseeing busses/trams with open roofs. Take one… 🙂

The are cable cars up to the peaks. Check when the last one is going down, some close very early and getting down from a peak can be difficult. Visiting one of the peaks is one of the highlights when visiting Hong Kong, The views…. just amazing.

Public Transport

Taxis van bring you anywhere, I used them quite a lot. My schedule was tight and limited time. When I wanted to go somewhere, I took the bus up and a taxi down.

Make a plan

There is so much to see. You can’t see it all in 3 days. So find out what you want to see and shoot. On the internet there is tons of info so I won’t go into detail. Just make a plan and stick to it.

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