My Manta Ray Experience. I just had to share this on my website. 🙂 I mean, i am a diver and I had some very nice encounters with manta rays, whalesharks and other big underwater stuff. But this experience was one of a kind. 

Feeding manta rays

Not with diving but with snorkeling ! While snorkeling we ran into a huge school of small fish. Looked like small sardines or similar stuff. Anyway, while swimming snorkeling through that immense school of fish, a manta ray popped up just out of the blue !  And if that wasn’t enough a second one came right after it !! Man i was screaming ! And those manta’s went for that school of fish. 

It started like this:

Hey a school of fish…. 

Hey that’s a very large school of fish…

Hey !!!

That’s a manta ray !

Hey !!!

That is a another manta ray !

And they are feeding like crazy !

What a feeding fest it was and we where right in the middle of it.  A once in a lifetime-never-forget-experience 🙂 

More photos

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and more fish
Manta ray behind the fish
Feeding time
Second manta ray behind the first one
Third one on the way
Feeding manta rays